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Armchair Warrior

Russia Besieged - 2006 (PBEM)

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Russia Besieged - Online!

BPA PBeM I Tournament Format

Current Status: Format Finalized!  START DATE 1 NOVEMBER 2006!

Overview: Armchair warrior is proud to host the first BPA Sponsored "RB PBEM Tournament". This single-elimination tournament will be used to crown a "Wood-worthy" RB champion. (Plaque to be provided by the BPA.) Play-offs for 3rd to 6th place for all that reach quarter finals. 6th place and higher will receive points for the 2007 WBC "Caesar" award. All matches are AREA rated. Can you succeed where the Wermacht failed? Those accepting this challenge should contact

Personnel: Gamemaster: Jeff Lange

Entry Qualifications:

1. Must be a member of the BPA, 'Associate' level or higher.
2. Must have an email account.

Game Format:

The scenario used is the newly revised BPA WBC Scenario. The PBeM Procedure details the default manner in which each tourney match is to be played. All games are automatically AREA rated and are reported by the Gamemaster at the conclusion of each round.

Game Rule Modifications:

The living rules as produced by L2 games will be used and provided to all entrants.

Time Limits:

Each match is given three months to complete. At the designated tournament round ending date, all matches will be resolved. If there are any games still going on, the winner will be judged to be the player who took the least time. Any disputes on this issue will be resolved based on the end of turn reports and any e-mail correspondence records. Note: There will be no extensions and no adjudicated games.

Tournament Round 1 Start Date: 1 November 2006 

Tournament Round 1 End Date: 31 January 2007 

Match Assignments:

All matches will be done randomly. Sufficient byes will be awarded in the first round to ensure that no byes will be given in later rounds. Byes will be assigned randomly.

Rules Disputes & Errata:

All disputes or questions about the game rules are to be directed to the Gamemaster. The GM rulings will be final. The GM Assistant will handle disputes and questions in matches involving the GM.


May be handled in any manner agreed upon by both players; die roll web sites ShadowDice and Irony are strongly recommended. When using a die roller, the phasing player must e-mail the impulse's moves prior to sending for the combat die rolls. A player may choose to resolve one combat at a time or do them all at once with all possible results listed. If resolving them individually, a player must resolve (and communicate the results of) a battle completely before resolving another battle.

Playing Aides:

The recommended RB PBeM tools is the "Above the Fields" software developed by Hank Burkhalter and available at If any discrepancies are observed between the physical and electronic equivalents, the physical component takes precedence.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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